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Health and diet may affect the natural fragrance of the vagina alongside hormonal shifts. Indeed, research suggests that this odor is partially due to pheromones that can increase sexual attractiveness and subtly communicate information about fertility. Newly published research suggests that whether we perceive one or several activities as multitasking can have an impact on our performance. Trichomoniasis - CDC fact sheet. Breathable cotton is the best choice for women concerned about vaginal odor. Cotton underwear can be purchased online. That includes some shapewear.

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They tend to get worse over time, and some women may notice a discharge that resembles cottage cheese.

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Six tips to get rid of vaginal odor

That includes some shapewear. They tend to get worse over time, and some women may notice a discharge that resembles cottage cheese. Cotton is less likely to hold moisture close to the vagina. Cotton underwear can be purchased online. This makes it more difficult for bacteria and other sources of odor to accumulate and produce a strong smell. Sometimes the odor smells sour, but it can also be pleasant. Sometimes interactions between semen and vaginal fluids can cause vaginal odor.

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